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What is the TSS?

You probably did not come here by chance and you've probably already heard about TSS, or maybe you've even used it before. The TSS is the acronym for "Tungsten Super Shot". As the name suggests, it is therefore tungsten pellets that can be used for many things but especially, in this case, to make your own ammunition at very high performance.

If you want more explanation, you can go on the Blog where I detail all the characteristics of this product (you have to click on the link) but what I can already tell you is that it is small balls of different diameters and density of 18 g / cm3.

Why the TSS?

First, it is an alloy that does not contain lead and therefore is NOT TOXIC to the environment. It can therefore be used legally in wet areas.

Then the density of the TSS is the most important of all substitute shots on the market: steel, bismuth, copper and sphero-tungsten included.

As a result, the lethality (penetration, residual speed) of this type of ball is simply the best on the market today and this for a long time. This allows you to make clean shoots at long distances, with exceptional shooting comfort.

You want an irreproachable product for your shots at long distance. The TSS is for you. See you at the shop.

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TSS : season 2019-2020

On 28/08/2019

For the beginning of the new season 2019 - 20, the TSS still proves its effectiveness.

Many testimonials show that the TSS is the ultimate shot for hunting waterfowl.

09/08: Julien

A teal tonight 54 meter with a 24gr # 9 taken by laser

14/08: Pascal

Hi Olivier ... I'm always on vacation in the southwest. And the efficiency of tss is still fly ... 4/6 shovelers at 80-85 mTss souchets 1

21/08: Remi

Hi oliver. A nice morning the 21st for the opening. A first night on the pond with for us a teal taken at 55 m with a tss 36 gr in #9.

21/08: Christophe

On the opening day, a clean killed teal with an 8.5 in 40 g, at 68 m telemetry.

28/08: Romain

Hi oliver, how are you? super happy .. A shoveler at 70m ... Pellet #8 in 32 gr ... clean kill.

28/08: Max

The tss hit again in the early morning at about 55-60 meters! 34grams ball of 8

Max sh

30/08: Julian

"Small Mallard shot at 88 yrds with a 40g #7. It did not move a paw .. my colleague's father remained on the ass! It was at the end of the evening it was still day and I had my rangefinder with me."

Cv tss


Reloading, why and how ?

On 28/04/2018


Why make your own ammunition ?

This is an essential question. Why bother buying components, find recipes, test many and many combinations when you just go to your gunshop or the web and order all the ammunition possible and unimaginable.

The reason is simple. To have the satisfaction of having achieved something perfect by oneself with an efficiency at least as good as industrial products. To be able to shot the cartridge that you want, with the load that you want and the shot of very high quality, the new wad discovered in Italy and the fantastic powder that we will look in Luxembourg. In brief, to make tailor-made, exactly the way you hunt, with the best possible ingredients. High fashion. Craftsmanship, watchmaking at the service of quality and regularity.


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The comparison with a vegetable garden is instructive in this aspect. You do not grow a garden to make money because you can always buy cheaper vegetables at the supermarket. On the other hand, they have better tastes, we are sure of the way they were produced and above all, we are proud to be able to eat OUR tomatoes from the garden. We appreciate them all the more because they gave us hard work and the result is delicious. What a pleasure to taste a tomato pie prepared with beautiful fleshy tomatoes and very ripe, with this unique taste of home made.

The handmade cartridges are a bit like that. We appreciate when we shot them, often with more moderation than with manufactured and, when we have a positive result, the pleasure is immense. This is especially true for small caliber cartridges. To take a game with 28 gauge, for example, is already difficult but when it is with its own cartridges, it is the thrill guaranteed!

The equipment

Contrary to what one might think, there is no need for much to start having fun.

A very precise scale for the powder, cases, powder, various types of fillings, shot, lock cards and an old hand crimper make it very well for you to make excellent cartridges. Then, when you have reached the limits of this material, you could eventually be able to invest in a press that will allow you to make star crimps but it really is not mandatory.

The industrialists have abandoned almost all the round crimp for essentially economic reasons:     

  • it usually needs a little less powder    
  • there are no lock cards to handle     
  • the cases are no longer reusable     
  • the system is much easier to automate.

And that, explaining that the roll crimps could cause holes in the pattern, which the crimping star did not cause in any case. It's a perfect marketing plan. The reality is that roll crimps are probably the easiest to do for the individual, give excellent velocity regularity (better than an average star crimp) and, with the use of good breakable cards, only very rarely holes in the pattern.

The procedure to reach excellence

I also give you, in my opinion, the main factors that give a bad pattern to a cartridge:

  • the wad that does not open properly, which happens quite often.    
  • shot too soft and not perfectly spherical    
  • speeds too high  which provides :   shot deformation, difficult passage in the chokes, disturbance of the wadat the exit of the barrel by the combustion gases.        

So you have to attach a major importance to the quality of the components you use, in the first place the shot that must be the hardest possible (with why not buffer), second the wad must be of excellent quality, with constant thickness and pre-sliced .

Finally you will target your cartridges to find the speed that will give you the best grouping with your weapon and its chokes.

By following this procedure, you will get results that no commercial cartridge will achieve.


There is a real interest in making one's own cartridges.

The assurance of having the ammunition best suited to his weapon and therefore to be able to take the game as cleanly as possible but also and especially the pride of using his own ammunition, created in his own workshop with the best components and which will give you exceptional results.

No need for a lot of equipment, a hundred Euros and you can begin to enjoy yourself, apart from hunting, to test and make your little jewels.