BSS Shot

BSS Shot - Bismuth Super Shot

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Performance for all shotguns

BSS® is a special alloy with a density close to lead and a perfect surface finish. The balls are perfectly spherical and slide against each other with ease.


  • Superior performance to steel and copper
  • Increased stopping power
  • Extremely regular pattern
  • Fires in all shotguns and chokes
  • Possibility of using fiber wads for a slightly more open pattern.
  • Moderately priced, equivalent to soft copper.
  • The N°5 (3.05 mm) is ideal for all types of hunting, as its performance is equivalent to that of a small N°6 lead. It can be used for waterfowl from teal to mallard, woodcock and pigeon.
  • Well-suited to small calibers, it shoots standard loads in 70-gauge cases (1 oz in 20-gauge and 3/4 oz in 28-gauge).
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