Kit for 10 shotshells 12 gauge DUPLEX 1/4 oz TSS 3/4 oz BSS

12 Gauge - 2 3/4 "

1/4 oz TSS 3/4 oz BSS DUPLEX load

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This 12-70 caliber DUPLEX Kit will enable you to make 10 cartridges, loaded with 7 g of TSS #9 (90 pellets) and 27 g of BSS in #4 1/2 (180 pellets). This cartridge, which can be used in all shotguns and chokes, offers the efficiency of 38-40 g of lead, using a substitute, with a 70 mm case.

The BSS pellets form a very homogenous, fairly wide spray, while the TSS remains in the center and ensures a long range. The result is a high-performance ammunition with a range of 20 to 45 m or more, at a very attractive price.


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