Kit for fabrication of 10 shotshells 32 g BSS®, BIOR wad

With this product, you can prepare 10 shotshells 12 gauge, loaded with 35 g BSS® and a plastic wad designed to be fired in all chokes and shotguns. 

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This type includes balls, wads and the recipe for 10 cartridges loaded with 32 grams of BSS®. The set is designed to be inserted into a 12-gauge, 70 mm long cartridge case.

Kit contents :

  • 320 grams of BSS® size 4 1/2 (3.10 mm diameter) - Non-toxic
  • 10 plastic wads
  • Reloading recipe and advice given by telephone on receipt of package. 


This cartridge is ideal for hunting in wet conditions. The 32 grams of BSS® balls are the equivalent of 28 g of lead balls with a fairly open pattern. The BSS® ball is quite sensitive to choke and velocity, which is particularly important for your untested antique steel guns, in which you'll be able to shoot this cartridge with no problem. 

The following shot sizes are available:

  • BSS 4 1/2 -> N°6 lead equivalent (Duck, Pigeon, pheasan)
  • BSS 6 -> N°7 1/2 lead equivalent (Pigeon, Woodcock, Turtle Dove, Plover, Lapwing)
  • BSS 7 1/2 -> N°9 lead equivalent (Thrush, Snipe, Yellowlegs)

A higher speed will open the sheaf, so I recommend a lower speed of around 365-375 m/s, which will be best suited to the ball and give the best results.


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