Kit for fabrication of 10 shotshells 35 g BSS®, fiber wad.

With this product, you can prepare 10 shotshells 12 gauge, loaded with 35 g BSS® and a fiber wad, for a non toxic and however classical ammunition, designed to be fired in all chokes and shotguns. 

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This type includes balls, wads and the recipe for 10 cartridges loaded with 35 grams of BSS®. The set is designed to be inserted into a 12-gauge, 70 mm long cartridge case.

Kit contents :

  • 350 grams of BSS® size 4 1/2 (3.10 mm diameter) - Non-toxic
  • 10 "IRIS" type fiber wad and 10 plastic spaces
  • Reloading recipe and advice given by telephone on receipt of package. 


The shell you'll be able to make with this kit will be ideal for all your duck hunting. The 35-gram charge of 4 1/2 pellets is equivalent to 32 grams of N°6 lead. The pattern is fairly open and answers chokes well. The BSS® ball is lethal on big ducks up to 40 to 45 m. In fact, it's also an excellent choice for shooting wood pigeons in wetlands. 

Tests show a speed of 390 m/s for a perfectly centered shot in a Manufrance Falcor 1/2 choke, 70% concentration and a hit count of 6 balls on Mallard ducks (1 dm²). 

The shotshell can be fired in all chokes and weapons, just like any other lead cartridge. 

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