TSS pellet #6 - diameter 2.75 mm

Tungsten Super Shot diameter 2.75 mm (#6). Density 18 g/cc. Price for 100 grams.

TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) # 6 - Diameter 2.75 mm

Unit of sale: 100 grams

TSS # 6 diameter 2.75 mm is "THE" ball to adopt for hunting geese at long distances. It is the lead equivalent of a ball of 1 at the level of the penetration which makes it a ball well adapted to long range shots because of its important lethality. It can be used for shooting geese of all sizes.

Technical characteristics

NON-TOXIC and can therefore be used legally in wet areas

Tungsten alloy, iron and nickel with a density of 18 g / cm3

One pellet weight: 196 mg

Number of balls per 10 grams: 51 balls

Penetration at 50 m (V0 = 400 m / s): 74 mm


The balls of TSS #6 (2.5 mm) are perfectly adapted to shoot geese up to 75 m. In fact, the 56 mm (required for greylag goose) penetration exceeds 85 m. The pattern density at 75 m is only 1 ball per dm² for a load of 40 grams classic which is insufficient for a target that has a surface of about 2 dm². It is therefore a ball that will allow to shoot all species of geese at a very great distance but with 2 people shots.

Given the penetration at 50 m, it is not recommended to draw a duck at this distance with this type of ball. The pattern density will be weak and moreover the considerable energy will probably bring the ball to cross completely the bird tissues. This is really a pellet for (big) geese to shoot with heavy loads (more than 50 grams).

I invite you to go on the blog to consult the table of the loads according to the desired game.

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