TSS pellet #7 1/2- diameter 2.4 mm

Tungsten SUper SHot Pellet diameter 2.4 mm (#7 1/2). Density 18 g/cc. Price for 100 grams.

TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) # 71/2 - Diameter 2.40 mm

Unit of sale: 100 grams

The TSS # 71/2 diameter 2.4 mm is a very effective ball. It is the lead equivalent of a ball of 21/2 at the penetration level which makes it a ball well suited to long shots because of its significant lethality. It can be used for shooting geese of all sizes and big ducks.

Technical characteristics

NON-TOXIC and can therefore be used legally in wet areas

Tungsten alloy, iron and nickel with a density of 18 g / cm3

Unit weight 130 mg

Number of balls per 10 grams: 77 balls

Penetration at 50 m (V0 = 400 m / s): 58.1 mm


TSS # 71/2 (2.4 mm) pellets are mainly used to shoot geese up to 50 m. In fact, the 56 mm (required for Greylag Goose) penetration is reached at 50 m. The pattern density at 50 m remains of almost 4.1 impacts per dm² for a conventional 40 gram load. It is therefore a ball that will allow to shoot all species of big ducks (eg eiders) and geese in the limit of 50 m.

We can go a little further look at the geese who are a little more fragile (white front goose or pink foot). I invite you to go on the blog to consult the table of the loads according to the desired game.

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