TSS pellet #9 - diameter 2 mm

Tungsten Pellet diameter 2 mm (#9). Density 18 g/cc. Price for 100 grams.

TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) # 9 - Diameter 2.0 mm

Unit of sale: 100 grams

TSS #9, 2 mm in diameter is a very interesting ball. It is the lead equivalent of a ball of 5 at the level of penetration which makes it a marvelous ball for the duck, with a lethality a little more important than the 91/2.

Technical characteristics     

NON-TOXIC and can therefore be used legally in wet areas     

Tungsten alloy, iron and nickel with a density of 18 g / cm3     

Weight for one pellet: 75.4 mg     

Number of pellets per 10 grams: 133 balls     

Penetration at 50 m (V0 = 400 m / s): 40.8 mm


TSS # 9 (2.0mm) balls can be used to hunt all ducks, including mallards, up to a distance of 60 meters. Indeed, the penetration of 37 mm is reached up to 58 m and the pattern density at 60 m remains of almost 4 impacts per dm² for a charge of 32 grams classic. The load of 32 grams in 12 gauge is "THE" ammo to do everything to hunt waterfowl: immediate and significant lethal effect, good coverage and very low recoil.

In small load (24 grams), it will be effective on all ducks up to 50 m with unparalleled shooting comfort and an excellent cost. Many hunters would not want to do without it.

I invite you to go on the blog to consult the table of the loads according to the desired game.

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  • annie11

    1 annie11 On 06/04/2021

    bonsoir je souhaite vous commander du tss maiis je souhaiterais obtenir des recettes pour 32 gr tss + 34gr tss + 40gr tss en billes 2mm dans attente de reponse cdt
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